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We are fair.

Fair to customers.

We built Axioma to provide a 5-star customer service to the car repair industry. This means quick, fair quoting for scratch and dent repairs, friendly and professional mobile repairers and excellent pre and post repair customer follow-ups.

Fair to repairers.

We are entrepreneurs, and we love working with entrepreneurs. Our repairers are independent artisans who work for themselves. This means that they take home the lion's share of the profits. This also means they have more time to dedicate to repairing dents and painting scratches.

Fair to the environment.

Vehicle manufacturing is more damaging to the environment than the production of any other good, including livestock farming and steel making. This is why at Axioma we pride ourselves at being able to repair dents and scratches, without replacing any parts! 

What we do.


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What we need from you.

For a mobile scratch repair, dent repair or other body work our repairers will need parking and a space to work. Please ensure you have one or two car parking spaces with at least three feet cleared on each side of the car. 

We require access to electricity, so make sure that we can reach an electrical outlet (repairers have pretty long extension cables). If you don't have access to al electrical outlet, let us know and we'll bring a generator.

Be fair to us. We strive to carry out most types of repairs, but if your damage is significant (e.g. significant damage that will require replacing a bumper) it's best to bring your car into a bodyshop.

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