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Machine Learning

We use data analytics to determine the extent of damage to your car.

We give our repairers a 360 degree profile of the repairs needed, so they can provide you with the best quote on the market.

Supplier Marketplace

Axioma works with repairers all across the UK. 

Our repairers are all Kitemark certified and have decades of experience working with every major automotive brand.

We will get your car back on the road in record time.

All transactions are securely stored on the Axioma blockchain.

Distributed Transaction Ledger

Leverage distributed ledger technology to guarantee data integrity and full transparency on the marketplace 

Blockchain explorer allows network to access details of live claims.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Stefano Sironi



8 years experience in technology investment banking (Merrill Lynch) and insuretech (Octo Telematics)

Alex Ikeni


15 years experience in insurance investment banking (HSBC and Merrill Lynch)

Lukasz Musial

Chief Technology Officer

15 years experience in software development 

Piotr Brudny

Head of Marketplace Development

9 years experience in software development (3 years in Blockchain)


Up to 50% decrease in settlement times.

Streamline simple claims.

Up to 35% procurement cost reduction.

Increase control on supply chain.

Up to 60% administration expense reduction.

Secure audit trail.

Merging Artificial Intelligence with human capital to streamline claims.


Prioritising workflows and connecting suppliers on an integrated marketplace to create a flawless customer experience.

From start to finish.

Axioma Europe Ltd

Registered office: 23 Theobalds Road, London, WC1X 8SL

Registered in England and Wales No. 11447632