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To provide customers with a fair assessment of their damage.
To provide artisans in the motor craft with fair wages for their work.
To reduce the impact of the motor trade on the environment.


Here you can find some answers to your most frequently asked questions about SMART repairs.

What is a SMART repair on a car?

SMART repair stands for 'Small, Medium Area Repair Technology'. It's the process of repairing a small area of your vehicle to make it look as good as new again, without replacing a whole panel. The SMART Repair service is made to make your life easier and to cut cost.

What kind of damage can you repair?

We can repair most dings, dents, scratches and scuffs in car panels and bumpers. Our expert technicians have years of training in body-shops and can repair most damage provided there isn't any heavy, structural damage to the car. We are an environmentally-friendly company and will always try to repair rather than replace parts. You can take a look at the full list of car body repair services we provide here.

What do you need to carry out the work?

Our repairers need space for their van (at least 3ft on either side of the car) and access to electricity to be able to carry out the work. If you don't have access to an electrical outlet, please let us know and we'll arrange to send a repairer fitted with a generator (please be mindful of the fact that not all repairers carry them so this is subject to where you are).

How long will the repair take?

This really depends on the extent of your damage. Bumper scuffs and light panel scratches will typically take 2 to 3 hours to fix.  

Will my colour match?

During the car scratch repair process, an accurate colour match is obtained using a Spectrophotometer, matching the manufacturer’s finish. We can then replicate the colour with our specialist range of tints. So, whether you need one car wheel arch scratch removed, or multiple bumper scuffs repaired, the work can be undertaken in a relatively short amount of time, restoring your car paintwork to a high quality.


What SMART repair technique do you use?

Here are the steps we take to repair scratches and scuffs:

  1. Clean and dry the area to remove dirt and waxes that may interfere with the repair

  2. Carefully cover neighbouring panels and details like lights, badges and moulding to protect them

  3. Sand back the damaged area to reveal paint and primer layers – we rebuild the colour layer by layer for a high-quality finish

  4. Prime with a grey base and cure with an infrared lamp or blower

  5. Apply the paint in thin layers with a spray gun, heating it to dry between each application

  6. Cure the entire area with an infrared lamp or blower

  7. Allow to cool, then remove any paint nibs with extremely fine grain paper

  8. Polish and buff the panel

Do SMART repairs last? How long is the repair guaranteed?

All of our paintwork comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Is SMART repair the same as Paintless Dent Removal? (PDR)

PDR is a type of car repair that removes minor dents where the paintwork is not damaged. It involves accessing the back of the damaged panel and using special tools to ‘massage’ out the dent. We do not carry out these types of repairs as we cannot guarantee the quality of the repair.

What is SMART repair insurance?

SMART repair insurance is a specialised motor insurance policy that covers mild scratches, scuffs and dents on your car. Typically you will pay an annual premium and be covered for a specific set of damage (read the fine print as this set of damage can be quite limited in breadth).

How much will my SMART repair cost?

We don’t provide a pricing grid, however, for bumper scuffs / scrapes you are likely to pay between £130 and £180 depending on damage and location. Panel damage will typically range between £160 and £230 depending on location and severity.

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